Sunday, 4 October 2009

The ultimate online income.(Introduction)

 This is not a blog trying to sell you something.
Over the next few weeks I will produce a series of blogs explaining exactly how to build your online income.
These are totally free, nothing to buy at all. The only thing you ever need to pay for is Domain Name and hosting.

If you have experienced affiliate marketing before you have probably failed to make any money. 95% of affiliate marketers never make an online income.
The fact is you are being conned into believing you can earn an income, usually that costs you anywhere between $20 and $200 to realise that.
I give you no promises and offer nothing but experience. By following simple techniques you build a business step by step.

This is not a get rich scheme and if your looking to become a millionair overnight then look somewhere else. I will show you how to build a business to earn an income not to make you a millionaire.

Most newcomers into affiliate marketing are looking for the golden nugget, none have succeeded. You buy an E-book for $67 which promises to give you the golden grail, what they are actually doing is tricking you into joining loads of affiliate sites under them.
They are good writers and make you believe joining all these sites is the way to go. The sites will be either a paid for site so you not only pay for their book your also paying them for each program you join.
The other sites will be free to join but you will join under the E-books writer and any sales you make (if any) they make about 5%-10%.
Whichever way you look at it the E-Book is a tool to get you to earn residual income for them.

This blog is different, WHY  ?
Each step is totally explained and you can see the results appearing, I do add some referral links but only to programs I feel will help you. Any links I do publish on this blog will be totally optional and most will be totally free. Paid programs will only be used where I feel it is totally necessary, there are very few of these as I prefer to use the free programs available.

Ok enough rambling just follow this blog and you will learn all the secrets you need to build an online income without splashing out.
Due to the voluntary work I do this blog will be updated 3-4 times a week.
This should be plenty as the guides will take time to complete.
Building your business should take a minimum of one month, creating a suitable income can take probably 6-12 month depending on the amount of time you can spend on your project.

These estimates are based on a person working a full time job and spending 1-2 hours a day, 4+ hours at the weekend devoted to building your income.

If your interested join me on my next blog where your firt lesson will begin.

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