Saturday, 10 October 2009

The ultimate online income.(Part 2)

 Content Is King

You should have a viable product by now. Something tangible to build your website around.
Before you continue any further ask yourself this question "How much do I know about this product ?"

Your website needs plenty of information to entice visitors to read and hopefully click through and buy your affiliate product. You will also need to submit articles to directories as well as coming up with some good text ads to distribute to directories. You will need to ensure you have plenty of variations of both articles and text ads as this gives your site more visibility on the net.

The reason for this is if the search engines see the same text over and over all linking back to your website then it will look like your a spammer and you have a chance that they will not bother crawling your site.
To get your site to the top of the search engines you need quality content on your website as well as quality backlinks from other sites.

The first step is designing the text for your website, this should be designed to create a good experience for the visitor and to make you look an expert in the product your trying to sell.
You also need to look at how many pages there are going to be and what is going to be on each page.
The easiest way to do this is to do a simple search and look around at websites similar to what you want to achieve. Look at the layout, design and navigation as well as just the text and pictures.
Do not copy from other peoples websites, search engines will easily spot this and not bother crawling your site.
Use the information you gather to design your website ensuring it is unique content. Do this on paper at the moment to ensure your happy with the design and text.
Ensure the keywords you identified are in your text numerous times, just don't overdo it. Make it look natural.

Next you need about 20-30 articles each should be about 450+ words long. This may sound a bit daunting but it will really help you build your authority on the product your trying to sell. The more authority you have the more sales your likely to make.
To help build your articles there are a few things you can do. First visit article directories and search for articles about your product. Don't copy them but use them as guides to write your articles.
There are also millions of blogs out there that you can search to help you gather information, just type your keyword into a search engine and use +blogspot.
If you were doing book reviews then your search would look like this "book review+blogspot.

It may seem like a lot of work but it will help take your website to the top of the search engines where you will create an endless stream of traffic and sales.
The more you put in the more you will get out.

Now you need to create some text ads. These are pretty simple to do, just think about the keywords your using and put them into a sentence relating to your website.
If you were doing book reviews a few lines you could use are :

Best online book review website.
For the best reading experience take a look at our book reviews.

Totally different descriptions but both have "book reviews" in the text.
Again this may seem like a bit of a pain but it will help build your presence online and give the search engines what they need to keep your site ranked highly.

This might seem a lot of work when you have not even got a website online yet. The french call it "mis en place" we call it "preperation in advance".
By preparing everything in advance we can get our website online and begin building our backlinks and search engine ranking immediately. The other reason to do all this now is as your building your articles, text links and website content you are also learning. This is vital in building your authority about a product or service, the more authority you have the more sales your likely to make.


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