Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The ultimate online income.(Part 1)

Choosing your Product

 The first and most important part of starting any business is what are you going to sell ?
You may think it is a simple task, your just going to build a website based on a product you are already promoting or one you are thinking of promoting.

Stop Just wait a minute and think.
Does your proposed product have a lot of competition for the keywords your going to use ?
Try searching for them and see how many results are returned.
Do you realise if you follow a high competition product you have virtually no chance of getting ranked highly in the search engines. Without a high search engine rank you will find it hard to make any money at all.

Now your thinking straight you need to start researching products that have a reasonably high search rate with a relatively low competition.
Stay away from MLM, Matrix programs and E-Books. These products will be hard to sell and are not sustainable.

To find sustainable products you will need to do a little searching.
One idea would be to join Amazon as an associate and promote their products, you could do a book review website if you enjoy reading or a music review site. ( Just some ideas, make sure you research your products against competition) Amazon pays around 5% to affiliates for sales made. is a company who is a third party for hundreds of companies. You can search through their directory for products to promote.

Another way to find a product is just do a search for a product and then look at the companies websites. You should see a link for affiliate or associate, just click on it and see how much they are paying.

Before you jump in and start deciding what product your going to promote you need to research it.
You should log on to Google Keyword Tool
Type in the keywords you were thinking of using. As well as giving you alternative keywords you can use it will also show you Advertiser Competition and search volume, both for local and global searches.

This tool will help you decide on products to promote. You are looking for a reasonably low advertiser competition and a good global search volume.
When looking at the keywords listed remember you can use more than one of these as your website keywords. So if you find a good set of keywords with low competition but an overall high amount of traffic your website should do well.

The keywords you choose should be able to fit into the text on your website numerous times but look natural at the same time. Think about this when choosing keywords.

Spend a couple of days identifying products or services to build your website around using these techniques.
Better to pick the right product now rather than wasting time on a product that does not gain search engine ranking and make sales.

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