Saturday, 17 October 2009

The ultimate online income.(Part 5)

Getting your website noticed

Now your website is up and running you need to get noticed, especially by the search engines.
First thing you need to do is submit your website to the search engines. There is plenty of software out there to help you but you can do it yourself.
Use the search term "add my site to" then the search engine you want to submit to.
Make sure you submit to google, yahoo and bing(MSN), and any other search engine you can think of.

Next you need to create some backlinks to your site.
Use the articles you have already written and submit them to article directories.
There are plenty more article directories, just do a search.

Join the Free Traffic System, I am not going into details as you can watch the videos on their homepage to see exactly how the system can work for you. It puts out about 90 backlinks for every article you submit.

Now you need to comment on peoples blogs, do a search for your keyword and use +blogspot or +wordpress you will find a lot of posts you can leave comments on.
When posting your comment you should be able to add your website which will create a link from your name on the comment section.
Make sure you post valid content on your comments or the blog owner may just delete your comment.
Post about 10 comments a day and you will soon build a massive amount of backlinks.

If you log on to Glocksoft and download  fast directory submitter for free you can get your website submitted to about 150 online directories for free.
You can easily search the search engines for more directories to submit your website to.

The more backlinks you have the better your search engine ranking.
If you have researched your keywords correctly then creating these backlinks will start taking you to the top of the search engines pretty quickly.

Most affiliate marketers fall into the trap of so called free traffic or buying traffic packages. They are extremely low quality and you are unlikely to make any sales at all from these methods.
I do use some surfer sites when I first build a website. Having a steady supply of traffic seems to help with google PR rating and Alexa traffic ranking. I only use them until my free traffic from the search engines kicks in and I look for about 200 visitors a day, I don't know why it works but it seems to work quite well.

These 4 traffic site should easily get you 200 visitors a day with very little effort.
Please do not get drawn into getting thousands of visitors to your websites and joining loads of websites offering free traffic. Traffic for your website should be based on quality not quantity.

Keep posting articles to the article directories and commenting on blogs and you should see your site in the search engines pretty soon.

Before I end this post I just wanted to say do not be impatient. You will discover that it can take weeks for your website to be noticed or get listed on websites. This is the worst time because most people automatically start to submit their website again and again, this is bad news as the search engines will end up ignoring you.
Submit a different page to the search engines once per week, they may take time but as your backlinks begin to grow so will the speed in which your website is indexed.
The website will crawl one of the websites your link is on and the more it does this the faster your site becomes indexed.

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