Monday, 12 October 2009

The ultimate online income.(Part 4)

Building your Website

Now you have all your content and built up a web presnce it's time to get thet website built.
There are 2 ways to get your website built, the first is building a traditional website. The second is far simpler, wordpress is like an online blog just create posts. Which one you use is up to you.

Using the conventional website will take a little time. First you need to find a theme, if you know how to build web pages this will be easy, if your new to website building then you just need to do a web search for "free website templates" there is thousands of sites offering them.
Once you have a theme suitable for your product then you need to build your pages. My Free Website Buider is a free download which is simple to use. They have a user manual to help you along as well.
A more advanced manual is available at More Niche , this is a free to join affiliate program site specialising in mainly weight loss products and mens enlargement products.
They have some fantastic resources and guides to help you build and market your website, even if you don't want to promote their products they are worth joining just for their guides.

You should build every page individually and ensure they are all linked. I am not going to go into how to do this as the guides are available and I would just be repeating them.
Once you have created each page you must ensure that you put meta tags into your website, these are explained in the manuals so ensure you read them properly.
Now your website is built you can add your adverting. This usually means editing the HTML code, it is not as scary as it sounds.
First choose where you want the ads inserted, place a string of letters in the area then click on the source tab you should be able to see the string of letters you typed. Highlight this text and paste the HTML code you copied from your advertiser where the text was.
Check and double check all your links ensuring they all work and lead to the intended page.

A simpler alternative is wordpress, most hosting providers offer the wordpress platform.
The only problem is that you must get your domain and hosting before you begin building your wordpress site. If you followed the earlier steps you should have enough info to get your site set up pretty quickly.
First do a search for a wordpress template, post your main content and make it sticky. Doing this will ensure that this post is seen whenever someone visits your site.
Take a tour of your back office and familiarise yourself with it, it's pretty easy to get the hang of. Add your advertising in the sidebar which is a similar process to blogger.
Add as many posts as you want each will appear as a list in the sidebar. You can also choose how many posts are listed per page.
Another feature of wordpress is you can create multiple categories, this is useful if you want to expand your advertising to related content.
If you were to do book reviews then you could categorise them into horror books, fiction, non fiction etc.

Now you need a domain name and hosting. I use the baby croc package from Hostgator . Theis package can host unlimited domains with unlimited bandwidth. It is $10 a month without a tie in you can cancel at any time without penalty. Most companies tie you in for a year's minimum contract.
Domain names with the .com are quite difficult to find so it may take a while to find something suitable.
Take a bit of time searching for something suitable, don't just settle for something easy.You want your domain name to reflect you websites theme.

Thats it your website is online, unfortunately no one can see it yet except you and anyone you have given your website address to. My next post will show you how to build your traffic.

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