Friday, 25 September 2009

Time management is the key.

 If you are an affiliate marketer or thinking of becoming an affiliate marketer then the one thing you will need to learn is time management.
Every minute of your time is worth money so make every minute count.

To ensure effective time management there is a few things you can do.

First decide what you want and how much time you can input.
If you already work and have a family then you probably can offer 1-2 hours a day and a few more at weekends. If you know about building a website it will take you less time than if you know nothing about it.
Just be realistic, don't think your going to be handed your goal on a silver platter it could be 3-4 months before the fruits of your labour are noticed.

Don't set your goals too high, if you want to believe you can earn a million dollars in the next month then after you wake up and get back to reality consider earning nothing in the next month. YES absolutely nothing in the next month. Most affiliate marketers take months building an online presence before begining to earn any money, even then it may take a couple of years building your affiliate business before earning a monthly income to live off.
Think about it like this if you jump from one thing to another you will not earn money online.
If you nurture your business then within 2 years you can retire on the income your earning, now your retired you have more time to spend on that business and can build it faster meaning your not only earning enough to live on but building a lifestyle.

Don't be distracted by the next big thing.
When I started out in affiliate marketing this was my biggest mistake. If you see something that catches your eye add it to your favourites and look at it later, your goal is your only concern at this point. Fixate yourself on the goal you have set and work towards that.

Don't give up, what's the point in spending 3-4 months on a project then just giving up. If things are not working re-evaluate what you have done and what you can do.

These simple steps should help you build an income based on reality, not using MLM, Matrix or any other so called get rich quick schemes.

Build yourself a solid income using basic time management.

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