Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Your $10 a month automated business.

 If you want an automated online income which will take less than half an hour to set up, has low maintenance time and only costs $10 a month then please read on.
Your $10 a month is for hosting and domain name you are not paying for an MLM or matrix.
This is a rather long post but if you want your own fully built website advertising high paying affiliate income then bear with it. It will explain how to get the website online as well as how to get alternate streams of income and get ranked in google as well as other search engines.

First set up hosting here :
 The reason I use this company is as well as been a cheap effective hosting company they also offer an affiliate pay plan, this is a 5 level pay plan so you get paid $1 for every person you refer and $1 for every referral 5 levels deep. This can turn into a nice income on it's own but we are going to set up another 2 income streams with this account. Make sure when you choose your website name choose someting short and appropriate like

Once hosting is set up join :
This company is a third party advertiser for numerous affiliate programs.
Familiarize yourself with the layouts and check out the complete website templates, once you find one you like download it to your computer and unzip it(just right click on it and go to extract all)

Before uploading to your host you need to optimize your website.
Download My Free Website Builder totally free.
Once downloaded open it, go to open a new page and look for the file your website pages are in. Look for the file named "index" and click to open that page.
In the drop down menu at the top click on "format" then go down and click on "page title and properties"
In the box that opens fill in the fields saying title and description.
Read the page and give a title and description based on the individual page, give each page a different title and description.
Once done click ok and then at the bottom of the page you will see four tabs click on the one saying "source"
The test here may look confusing but is pretty simple once you get used to it, if you look you will see your title and description appearing in between some strange text and below this you will see something like this

  meta name="keywords"
 content=" " /
In between the speech marks after the word content type in some words that apear in the text of the page you are using. Words like "affiliate, marketing, makemoney online" you decide how many you want to put in.
Open each page in turn and follow the same rules. None of this appears on your web page this is all HTML which is what search engines will use when they crawl your pages. Known as SEO or search engine optimization.

Next you need an ftp, this is just a program which transfers the files from your pc to your host.
Download and install Filezilla 
This is a free program, once installed open it up. You will need the email that sent you.
At the top of the screen you will need to enter
ftp host =
username= your username
password= your password
port= 21

Once logged on you should see your website name on the right of the screen and your computer documents on the left. On the left of the screen find the folder your web page files are in once open just drag and drop all the web pages and the images file into your website on the right of the screen. Thats it your website is online, It may take 24-48 hours to appear so just keep checking.

Once online it's time to get visitors and advertising on our site.
Personally I hate surfer sites and free traffic sources, just a waste of time but when I first set up a site I use them for between around seven to 30 days. This is just to keep a steady flow of traffic appearing on a regular basis, 200 hits a day on average is plenty. here are four simple sites I use.
These four programs should easily get you a steady stram of visitors without spending a lot of time surfing them.
Now Its time to get listed in search engines where you will get free traffic.
First go to each search engine you know of especially google, bing(formerly msn) and yahoo as well as any others you find. In in engine type "add url to" and the name of the search engine, click on the relevant link and add your web address in the form provided. Soon your site will be listed and crawled by the search engine spiders. Next we need backlinks, these are links from other sites linking back to yours. is an automatic backlink creator, watch the videos on how to use the system and use this system to it's fullest as it will create hundreds of free backlinks.

Another great way to create backlinks is to look at blogs of people and when you see a good blog create a comment on it ensuring your website goes into the correct box. Don't just spam hundreds of blogs as the owners will delete your comments, when commenting make sure it's sensible and contributes to the actual blog post. Half an hour a day should be all it takes to build your backlinks and traffic.
These backlinks are mega important as they will increase your ranking in the search engines, the better your ranking the more likely searchers will find you.

Now you need to add advertising, I personally use
These display numerous ads on a CPM and CPC basis.
Open websitebuilder and then open your index page as you did earlier, decide where your ads are going and copy the code you got from
To add it to your page type something memorable where you want it to go, click on the source tab then look for the word you just typed in (you do get used to doing this and what the source tab is)Highlight the word you typed in, and copy the code over it. Click save at the top of the screen.

Next open Filezilla again, log in and the only webpage you now need to drag and drop across is the index page you just added the HTML code to.

Keep up the backlinking techniques and good luck with your new website.
Please comment on this post especially if theres something you don't understand and I will be happy to help.

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