Thursday, 10 September 2009

Website traffic, Quantity or Quality ?

Once you have built your brand new website or blog the first thing you want is website traffic. But wait a minute, do you want passing traffic just to see your web counter rise or do you want traffic that will stop, look and buy ?

Most people tend to just see a way to get easy traffic and use it. If you are using surf sites or free safelist mailers then your just wasting your time, and money if you have upgraded or paid for credits.
Visitors to these sites are affiliate marketers just like you. Your actually trying to sell each other similar products.

The other thing about these sites is what visitors do while surfing for credits to display their own websites. Think about how you surf for credits, you either have 3 or 4 sites open all at once clicking between them. Or the other way is your actually doing something on the web and keep switching screens to surf to the next 20 second counter.
Either way your website is getting visitors but not being viewed.

Quality traffic will probably take you less time to get and will have people viewing your site because they want to. Quality visitors = sales of your affiliate programmes.
How do you get this quality traffic ? Get to the top of the search engines of course.
Easier said than done. The easiest way is to create backlinks to your site, the more backlinks you have got the better your ranking.
Easy ways to create backlinks is to write articles and blogs. Blogs allow you to write an objective review of your website with a link in it, you can also write reflective reviews on any other afiliate product or service you are a member of and insert links in.
Article writing allows you to write quality articles with your link in and display them on sites like and
These are ranked sites which not only add your article to their site but allow your ad to be duplicated on other sites, with your link inserted of course.A good article can be posted on numerous sites.

The other way is a new site called
This site automates the system by allowing free members to post an article to 30 blogs with a simple system. Each article is allowed up to 2 links embedded as well as a keyword giving a potential 120 backlinks.
You can add as many articles as you want so 120 backlinks can soon become thousands in no time at all.

This many backlinks give you a better chance at reaching the top of the search engines and getting that quality traffic you need.

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