Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Whats your website worth.

 I recently came across a website with a little button on it saying "my website is worth $xxx, whats yours worth ?"
Of course we all want to know what our website is worth. I clicked the link and put in my details and voila my websites value in $$$.
I decided to check out other website valuation sites and was surprised by the differences in what they said my sites were worth.
Below are the overviews of 2 not so fantastic sites I ran through 3 different website valuation sites.

The first is
I bought this website about a month ago but have done little to it at the moment. I registered it as a niche site with little competition, it has a .com domain name which gives it a boost.
So far I have installed wordpress on it with a couple of posts, I plugged it into Free Traffic System hoping other posts would appear from there, 2 posts appeared.  I have also added links of related products from Amazon.
I have done a little backlinking to the website and at the moment have around 250 backlinks although the website has been listed with numerous directories which should show up in a month or two.
The site is listed in major search engines for related keywords, Yahoo and MSN favour it and list it highly although Google has been slow on the uptake.
So a pretty basic website with a reasonable search engine ranking and reasonable amount of backlinks. So what is it worth ?  Values it at $78, rather low was hoping for more.          Values it at $541, a lot better.             Value has gone up to $963.60, getting better                          Value is now $32,000 , Sold to the nearest bidder.

Site 2 is
This site is a few months old, I joined
I joined them due to the earning potential of their affiliate program, the site didn't have much on it for a while until I joined High Profits  , these supplied a ready made website which I just plugged in. I added a few pages and a couple of banner ads then uploaded it.
Just like my other site it has numerous backlinks and directory listings. Search engine ranking has been harder due to the high competition for affiliate marketing keywords.
So for a plug and play website how much can I earn ?
In the same order as above...............................
Value is $78, rather consistent.
Value is now $234, getting higher.
Value is now $1,124.20, I love the 20 cents LOL.
Value now is now $13,400 , anyone want it ? I'll accept $10,000 for cash.

All website valuation sites are not the same.
Be careful if you come across one of these sites thats saying your website is worth thousands.
Your website is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

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